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In order to start a career in the field of teaching & education, candidate must earn an accredited college degree in order to be considered for a teaching role at an elementary or secondary public or private school. A post-graduate degree in education & teaching can qualify candidates for the positions on faculty of top colleges & universities and boost salaries at some schools. The most sought-after courses include education, curriculum design, learning psychology, special education, education management, career counseling and educational methodologies. Since K-12 education is one of the largest industries in U.S., there are many career opportunities for aspiring teachers & mentors. A student can earn an undergraduate, graduate & post-graduate degree in education through both an online and an on-campus college. Beside degree program, there are various certifications that can help you find a job in the education sector. Explore from our large database of accredited teaching & education schools to earn a degree to make a career in this field.

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